Ways to make corporate relocation easier on your team

Moving offices can be a stressful event for most companies, with business owners having to navigate a great deal of paperwork and logistics while employees are often left feeling nervous about the move.

If you are moving offices locally, this apprehension can be abated somewhat, but larger and more drastic moves can change the lives of employees – so it’s important to manage the expectations and keep the lines of communication open for those who choose to join you. Having helped numerous companies relocate their business premises, at KEJ Removals, we know how stressful a time this can be. Here, we’ve compiled a list of a few helpful things that can make a corporate relocation that little bit easier…

Start planning early

As soon as you know you want to move, it is wise to start collecting quotes from movers straight away. Ideally, for medium to large company moves, this means making contact about a moving enquiry four to six months in advance. When collecting estimates, you should enquire about not only the cost and time associated with the physical move, but also additional services like damage insurance, professional packing, and whether or not moving materials can be provided.

Involve your staff

While having professional movers come in is essential when conducting a large-scale move like this, it’s important to still make staff feel like part of the team effort. You can do this by letting them pack up their own areas and help with general de-cluttering, so that the main packing of furniture and items in communal areas is left to the professionals (hint – make sure when doing so that you point out any expensive or fragile items that require extra care).

Have a plan for the new office

The more you can plan in terms of layout in the new office, the easier things will be on the day. This will not only help to ease any worries your team may have, but it will also make it easier for your removal team to organise packing up for smooth reloading at the other end.

Consider storage

If you are downsizing offices, it may not be that you need everything to come with you. If your new office is a temporary fix, you could require some help storing large items before moving into your permanent premises. Removal companies like ours can move items that aren’t needed into storage, and can also help moving them out and into your offices when you’re ready for them.

To find out more about how KEJ Removals can make your next corporate move that much easier, contact us today.