Tips for moving tricky items

It is often the case that when moving, it’s easy enough to box up the majority of items with the rest movable in black plastic bin bags or suitcases. But how do you tackle some of the trickier items on your itinerary?

Having moved a large number of items internationally and throughout the UK, we’ve helped many people safely pack up their belongings, and have a few tips to share to make your upcoming move that little bit easier…

China and glassware

These are the items that are most susceptible to breakage during a move, and yet are often some of the most expensive and/or hold high sentimental value. Wrapping delicate glass and china in newspaper, bubble-wrap or tea towels can help keep them separated, and these should be packed tightly into a box (be careful not to over pack, as this can cause the box to buckle). Make sure the box is clearly labeled “Fragile” and packed into the truck last so that it’s not crushed under the weight of heavier items.

Oversized items

Pianos, pool tables, aquariums, large dining tables and other large-sized items can be very difficult to not only lift, but to safely maneuver out and into rooms/buildings. If you are moving white goods like a fridge/freezer or washing machine, there is the added pressure of safely disconnecting and reconnecting the plumbing. In these cases, leaving these items to a professional moving company is almost always your best bet – we have years of experience along with the right manpower and machinery to make the move safely.

Knives and sharp objects

A handy way to pack things like tools and knives is to put them inside oven mitts, and to wrap these tight with an elastic band to stop them sliding out. You could also do the same with bubble wrap, and wherever they are stored, make sure to clearly mark that box as containing sharp objects.

Mirrors and artwork
For oversized items, making sure multiple people can help get them down is key to ensure there is no damage to both the item and the wall. Once safely laid on the floor (you may wish to put down a dust cloth or bed sheet to prevent scratches), you can use moving paper, newspaper or bubble wrap as seen fit. Transporting these in boxes filled with blankets or towels can provide much-needed extra cushioning during transit.

Still need help with packing? Or perhaps you’d like to forgo the process altogether, and instruct professional movers that also offer packing services? At KEJ Removals, we offer this service to help make your move easier, so to enquire about rates and availability, click here to contact us today.